Acquisition of Croatian citizenship

Tiziana Paris
Tiziana Paris, Attorney at Law

Persons who do not have Croatian citizenship (foreigners) can apply for Croatian under the Croatian Law on Croatian Citizenship (n. 102/19). Croatian citizenship can be acquired on the following legal grounds:

  • on the basis of stay in Croatia
  • by birth in Croatia
  • by marriage or partnership with a Croatian citizen
  • on the basis of eviction
  • on the grounds of interest in the Republic of Croatia
  • on the basis of belonging to the Croatian people
  • on re-admission to Croatian citizenship.

Underage children may by birth acquire Croatian citizenship:

  • if both parents acquire citizenship by birth
  • if only one parent acquires citizenship by birth and the child lives in Croatia and is granted permanent residence
  • if one of the parents acquires citizenship by birth pursuant to Article 11, paragraph 1 or Article 16 of the Law on Croatian Citizenship
  • if only one parent acquires citizenship by birth, the other is stateless or of unknown nationality and the child is living abroad.

The request for the acquisition of Croatian citizenship should be done directly by the person or his Attorney at Law at the police department or police station, according to the place of temporary or permanent residence authorised. If the applicant is not granted temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, the request for the acquisition of Croatian citizenship shall be submitted through a diplomatic mission or consular post of the Republic of Croatia abroad.

The request shall be accompanied by:

  • biography
  • birth certificate (for persons married and marriage certificate), not older than six months (need not be adjusted if births or marriages are registered in state registers in the Republic of Croatia)
  • proof of citizenship status
  • Certificate of impunity of the competent foreign authority of the country whose applicants are nationals of that State of residence, not older than six months
  • A valid ID in a certified copy with a visible photograph
  • when applying in the Republic of Croatia, the administrative fee is paid upon the receipt of the decision on receipt into Croatian citizenship, ie the decision rejecting the application
  • when applying abroad, a consular fee is payable upon submission.

Other documents should be attached to the various bases of acquiring Croatian citizenship.