Fees for foreign boats and yachts intended for sports and leisure in Croatia

Tiziana Paris
Tiziana Paris, Attorney at Law


Domestic and foreign yachts and boats pay a fee for using aids for navigation safety within the internal waters and territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia. The obligation of paying the fee comes into force when a vessel sails into a harbor or arrives at an anchorage of the internal waters or territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia. Domestic and foreign boats and yachts pay an annual fee and it is for the current (calendar) year. The amount of the fee depends on the length of the yacht or boat.


The owner of user of the vessel pays sojourn tax for themselves and all the people who spend the night on the vessel longer than 5 meters with built-in bunks, that is used for holidays, recreation and cruising, and that is not a nautical tourism vessel. The flat rate sojourn tax is paid by boaters to the harbormaster’s office before sailing out, or to harbormaster’s branch office when they are staying and overnighting on the boat in nautical tourism ports or at a berth in a nautical section of a port which is open to public traffic. The harbormaster’s offices and harbormaster’s branches to whom boaters have paid the flat rate of the sojourn tax are to issue a receipt regarding the payment of the sojourn tax. The amount of the flat rate of the sojourn tax for boaters depends on the length of the vessel and time for which the boaters have paid. The receipt for paying the sojourn tax must always be on board and the vessel’s commander is required to present it upon the request of an authorized person.